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Hola! I'm Aaliyah and welcome to my website. I did this site as a task specially for Kingston Writing, which is an ESL and Web Development program. If you want to work with me, simply use the contact form found on this website. Below is my personal CV, and some examples of online websites and content material I've created before.

Graduated with honors from ECU
9 years of marketing and advertising experience (specifically intended for Online customers)
6 years of website development experience.
Dedicated, team player professional with a taste for particulars.

Employment Experience.
Kingston Writing,2010 - Present
Office manager
Given the task of setting up a international team of writers to match a specialized range of advanced objectives and goals.
- Make new records for productivity, growing production by 20% across the globe
- Effectively managed continuous logs of task distribution
- Maintained QA for international development over a sizable team of writers

Self Employed Wp Website Designer

Additional Abilities
Proficient in Macedonian
Outstanding knowledge using a various choice of office software

Samples of my writing

Decoration Salon

The beauty salon has been every girl’s go-to place dating back to the times when it was first established. The soothing ambiance and the relaxing atmosphere help release suppressed endorphins and incredibly put you in a radiantly lighter mood. Yes, women of all ages and even as young as teenagers find it enjoyable to spend their weekends on... Source of information..

Ear Gauge Size Chart

What is it about anyway and how can this be done? If you follow standard procedure then you will need an ear gauge size chart within reach. Notice that when... Source..

Fake Gauges

When they have body piercing, they feel like having unique statements of their emotions and character. Ear gauges are very hot most especially among teenagers today. Fake gauges or plugs are also a popular choice among the youngsters. Ever since these unreal gauges came out to the market, many people purchase and use them... Click here to continue..

Female Nipple Piercing

Some recommends the use of sea salt in cleaning the piercing. The salt is mixed with one cup of boiling water and left to cool down until the temperature is bearable. Then the piercing is submerged on the cup for about 5-10 minutes. The piercing is cleaned thoroughly including the back and the front portions while removing the crusts that had build up. Then it is rinsed with warm... More on this site..

Flower Tattoos

Various designs of flower tattoos are available to those who wish to get inked. They are lovely to look at and most women and even men would prefer to get flower tattoos in place for the more masculine designs.Each unique flower design has a corresponding meaning so you can look for a design that suits your taste. Some people don’t just go for the designs but are also after the... Click here to read more..

Hairstyle Magazines

Magazines can give you a lot of ideas and tips in styling your hair. Always keep in mind that any hairstyle looks best if your hair is healthy.... More on this page..

Hair Wraps

Moreover, you can still shampoo and condition her hair although you have chosen to give her a wrap. It is important for a parent like you to remind your daughter not to pull the wraps so that it will not get loose and put off her hair easily. Additionally, you should be careful in brushing her hair. Otherwise, the wraps will be more likely to be removed... Click here to read more..

Hipster Glasses

It has been around for so many years but had recently been picked up by a lot of celebrities. Hipster glasses are those glasses with a thick black frame. They are usually big and very noticeable. Most people call them geek- chic. It is a style that everyone wants to follow. But this style is not very flexible; not everyone can pull off some chunky eyewear. Some people wear these because they actually need... Click here to continue..

Hipster Glasses

Hipster glasses are those glasses with a thick black frame. They are usually big and very noticeable. Most people call them geek- chic. It is a style that everyone wants to follow. But this style is not very flexible; not everyone can pull off some chunky eyewear. Some people wear these because they actually need glasses to be able to see clearly. But some people only want to... Click here to continue..

Nail Designs

You might get overwhelmed with the vast array of nail polishes and paints available on the market nowadays. From many different brand names to a wide selection of styles and colors, the decision to be made is all yours. You may experiment only a few distinct brands and assess for yourself... Find out more...

Nerd Glasses

Who would’ve thought that that even those with 20/20 vision would still choose to purchase geeky specs just for the sole purpose of keeping up with the trend? Amazing isn’t it? Even Justin Bieber was caught donning black horned-rimmed glasses with his formal black suit. People of all ages who are inspired by famous celebrities have made these geeky... To read more click here...

Plus Lingerie

All these garments are so designed to reveal the sexiness and attractiveness of all women including those who are not slim. Did you know that wearing lingerie regularly can reduce a few inches of your body in a matter of weeks? However, this is only possible if plus- sized women buy and wear lingerie that is of their exact size. Lingerie that is... Click here to continue..

Spy Sunglasses

This form of spy gadget has a built-in camera and microphone that allows you to take pictures and video after which you can store in the DVR for viewing and file. A few of the finest spy sunglasses are available in the market for public use.... Read more..

Star Tattoos - Pictures And Ideas For Star Tattoo Designs

Star Tattoos With the obvious popularity of tattoos there is no wonder why the application of star tattoos have become so prevalent and as a cultural trend in many countries around the world for a large number of groups and individuals looking to make a statement on how they view themselves in terms of the body aesthetic and connected with the dermal experience to fulfil a concept of... Read more..

Online Payroll Calculator

There are instructions on how to do payroll online and fields are appropriately labeled for easy input. Instead of paying a lot of money to an accountant who will do all the necessary work, shifting to an online payroll calculator can help the company save on expenses. Aside from convenience, employers can also get accurate answers and correct calculations. Most of these online calculators are developed by very talented programmers who have... More on this site..

Cheap Photo Books

A picture conveys a thousand meaning and the wedding photo book can tell your entire love story. You could begin with the proposal and then add your engagement pictures photos on bridal shower, wedding and honeymoon photographs. Compiling these pictures in a photo book could be exciting – and cheap! Making use of some scrapbook materials and some designs to personalize... Source of information..